AfriChat international conference is now held in Q2 2022



The inaugural edition of the Africa-China Traders Conference (AfriChat), tagged AfriChat 2021, which was previously scheduled to be held between October 22-23, 2021 in Guangzhou, China, has been postponed.

AfriChat, an international conference hosted by Gotcha Communications, is designed to help African businessmen and women and their partners in China establish mutual business relationships.

Attendees at the conference, which is slated to take place in Q2 2022, will learn how to do business with ease, including financial matters, where to buy the goods of their choice and at the right price, as well as learn how to maintain a good relationship. client with their partners. They will also learn where and how to deal with regulatory issues as well as gain a better understanding of Chinese culture.

The conference, also designed to provide various rare opportunities in business-to-business relations, is a viable platform through which businessmen will tap into the wealth of experience of a range of facilitators from governments, public institutions , as well as private companies from China and Africa.

In a statement, Gotcha Communications, through its liaison staff in China, Mr. Robert Obinna regretted any inconvenience the postponement may cause to interested conference participants, adding that “the postponement has become necessary as a result of China has not yet opened its borders. due to the current circumstances caused by the Corona virus pandemic.

“The conference,” he revealed, “arose out of the need to help African and Chinese businessmen, especially African traders residing in China, to enjoy a fluid, solid and mutually beneficial for maximum impact.

AfriChat, he explained, is driven by a strong passion to provide attendees with this unique chance to harness emerging opportunities that result in business growth and wealth creation, noting that the conference will also inform attendees on proven methods to avoid difficulties in international business. relationships that negatively impact the growth and expansion of the business.

Obinna, who also brings his expertise to the conference, having resided in China for decades, encouraged Africans doing business with China to seize the opportunities presented by the conference, stressing that it would help them understand how to build relationships. with their partners in China, have a better understanding of the Chinese market, how to register their businesses, as well as gain knowledge of the relevant regulatory documents.

“The conference which will be a gathering of industry leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, service providers and traders from the African continent who are looking for partners in China or who wish to source goods and services in China, will also offer immense opportunities to Chinese businessmen who are keen to expand their business activities in Africa or who seek to export products and raw materials from Africa to China, ”he said. he declares.



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