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The increased demand, especially among the chronically ill, is sparking increased interest in the proven holistic, patient-centered and healthcare approach of functional medicine

Posted: October 26, 2021 at 9:12 a.m. CDT|Update: 1 hour ago

FT. COLLINS, Colorado, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and the coronavirus epidemic drives major changes in healthcare, interest in functional medicine has grown to meet growing demand comprehensive and personalized care for chronic diseases.

Integrated Connections: Developing a Practice or Developing a Career in Functional Medicine

“It’s no surprise that interest in functional medicine continues to grow as patients seek answers about debilitating chronic disease through a root cause model of care,” says Lisa mcdonald, Founder of Integrated Connections, the nation’s leading growing and operating consulting firm specializing in the unique needs of functional medicine practices. McDonald’s was inspired to help support the growth of functional medicine after personally experiencing the modality’s transformative power. Since 2009, his company has grown into the field of functional medicine.

“The pandemic has taught us the importance of health and prevention, so many patients seek this prevention and optimization support through integrative and functional medicine practices,” McDonald continued. “Functional medicine focuses on the root causes to effectively prevent, manage and reverse chronic disease. “

Before the pandemic, the growth of functional medicine was already underway and the effective approach continues to attract increased interest. This growth in interest can be attributed to multiple factors, including increased patient demand and a tendency among clinicians to seek a better way to provide better integrated and individualized care to each patient’s unique needs and to the patient’s needs. manifestation of a disease or condition.

Functional medicine is “a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and treating the root causes of disease,” according to the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). “Individualized, patient-centered, science-based” care lends itself to reversing even the most serious long-term and chronic illnesses and conditions, including long-distance COVID syndrome.

Significant growth in demand
“When I founded Integrated Connections in 2009, fewer people knew about functional medicine, which some call personalized medicine,” McDonald said. “Over the years, the field has exploded exponentially and the demand for our services has increased continuously.

  • Average monthly functional medicine job postings have increased 163% over the past year on the Integrated Connections online job site, including practice opportunities for a variety of clinicians of all skill levels and specialties.
  • In recent years, approximately 80-90% of functional medicine job vacancies are for positions in private practices. Currently, private practices represent 83% of the job opportunities listed with Integrated Connections, and many large systems are exploring ways to implement functional medicine in the future.
  • The volume of physicians trained in functional medicine has increased by 96% in the past 5 years, according to IFM
  • The volume of students and resident clinicians enrolled in IFM’s functional medicine programs recently increased more than 45% year-on-year, according to the IFM.
  • Since 2016, the engagement of functional medicine nurses has increased by more than 200%, according to IFM

McDonald’s has added a variety of new services and resources to help Integrated Connections keep pace with the demand for practice management support and career growth for functional medicine providers.

As some large systems increasingly embrace functional medicine, led in large part by the Cleveland Clinic which established its Functional Medicine Clinic in 2014, many clinicians are also providing functional medicine care through smaller private practices. “I believe that functional medicine can ultimately help save the private practice model of care,” McDonald explained. Functional medicine continues to thrive in smaller practice settings, as evidenced by the growth in employment opportunities for functional medicine practitioners who wish to join private practices.

Some of the main operational challenges that functional medicine practices face on a regular basis relate to HR and recruitment. In addition to an online job search platform and targeted recruitment services, McDonald’s and its team apply their in-depth knowledge and experience in human resource management to provide expertise and resources to facilitate the growth of the practice. One of its clients’ most valuable HR tools includes an interactive online HR support center tailored for functional medicine. Additionally, McDonald’s continuously connects clinicians with approved implementation resources specific to the unique needs of integrative and functional medicine practices and professionals.

“Patients seek the professional assistance of a clinician to treat chronic diseases and achieve optimal well-being through root cause medicine and a healthy lifestyle,” said Amy R. Mack, CEO of IFM. “A practitioner trained in functional medicine seeks to empower his patients to resolve imbalances leading to disease diagnoses and to reach their full health potential. In order to support both practitioner and patient, the Institute of Functional Medicine provides access to evidence-based education, training and tools building the confidence and competence of functional medicine practitioners worldwide. “

Healthcare industry trends continued to evolve during the pandemic, including the integration of functional medicine. To follow hiring trends, career opportunities and best practices for the growth of Functional Medicine, visit to sign up for industry updates or view current and current employment opportunities. functional medicine practice resources.

About built-in connections:
Integrated Connections ( is the nation’s leading growing full-service medical practice consulting firm, specializing exclusively in serving integrative and functional medicine practices nationwide with personnel, human resources, career and practice growth resources.

Integrated Connections, founded by Lisa mcdonald, provides a variety of resources for functional medicine clinicians, including recruiting, online job site, human resource support, practice growth resources, and career growth advice .

Since 2016, Integrated Connections LLC has collaborated with the Institute of Functional Medicine, the world leader in the field. This partnership has facilitated further growth in this area of ​​medicine and the transformation of healthcare.

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