How to Build and Use Engineer Outposts


Engineer outposts are necessary to complete the main questline in Surviving the Aftermath, but they can be difficult to build with the needs of the colony.

Survive the consequences has a main questline that leads to the construction of a Doomsday Bunker, but players will first need to create and place Engineer Outposts. Survive the consequences is a city builder, but players will also need to use the world map to gain colony advancements, such as Engineer Outposts. In order to create engineers, players will need to train one of their specialists in an engineer depot. Unfortunately, once a Specialist becomes an Engineer, there is no way to get them back, so players must carefully choose which Specialists to train.

Specialists are available from the start of Survive the consequences, and they can be used to create different outposts or complete tasks on the world map. Each Specialist has a specific category they excel at on the world map, such as combat, spotting, or cleaning, but some must be kept in the colony to protect it from incoming attacks. Specialists are scarce and expensive to recruit, so players should be mindful of how many they send to the world map or convert to colonists or engineers.


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Engineer Depots can be built in the player’s colony for 20 Concrete, 40 Metal, and 50 Plastic. Each engineer depot can only train one specialist, and then the depot will disappear, so players will have to build a new one whenever they want to create a new engineer outpost. Once the Engineer Depot is built, players can interact with it to choose a Specialist to train. Choosing the specialist will automatically take players to the world map to decide where to place the engineer outpost.

Building Engineer Outposts in Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath Engineer Outpost Guide Types of Outposts

Survive the consequences is a hands-on game that includes four types of Engineer Outposts that can be used to collect research of the same type. There are medicine, survival, defense, and ecosystem outposts that players will need to put in place in order to complete the main story. Getting 100% completed research in each of the four categories will complete the Doomsday Bunker, which protects the player’s colony from almost any type of disaster.

The placement of an Engineer Outpost cannot be undone, so players must choose the location carefully. There are symbols in specific areas that indicate what type of outpost needs to be placed there and how effective it will be. Even at high efficiency, Engineer Outposts will rack up less than 1% research per day, so multiple outposts of each type will be needed if players are to complete Doomsday Bunker quickly. However, turning too many specialists into engineers can leave the colony unprotected or eliminate exploration of the world map, so players should keep a few specialists at all times.

In Survive the consequences players must create a lasting colony similar to Endzone: a world apart. The best way to do this is to complete the Doomsday Bunker to protect the colony from disasters, but research must first be done using the Engineer Outposts. Engineers are trained specialists who can be placed in marked areas of the world map to increase the percentage of any of the four types of research. Survive the consequences players will need to build multiple engineering outposts to complete the main questline.

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Survive the consequences is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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