Laser range finder added to popular surveillance camera


Laser range finder added to popular surveillance camera

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LONDON – Silent Sentinel, a UK maker of high-end surveillance cameras, has incorporated a laser rangefinder into its popular sensor series.

The British company – with a US office in St. Petersburg, Florida – launched its Aeron Laser Range Finder camera at the Defense and Security Equipment International conference in London in September.

The system contains a continuously rotating pan-tilt-zoom camera with an uncooled long-wave infrared thermal sensor with a range of zoom lenses, an HD-visible sensor with 30x zoom and the new laser range finder.

The built-in laser range finder can measure the target during electro-optical detection up to five miles.

Rapid pan and tilt speeds reach up to 160 degrees per second, the company said in a statement.

All three sensors are contained in a rugged housing that is tested to a standard level of environmental protection, providing optimum performance in harsh environments as well as saving weight and space.

The 30x zoom high-definition visible sensor comes with a lens wiper, which helps improve visibility in poor weather conditions, according to a company fact sheet. In addition, uncooled longwave infrared thermal sensors offer zoom options up to 25-150mm, with 640×480 resolution and image stabilization option.

The system can be used as a maritime or border security camera and can be mounted on vehicles.

The company also presented its new Jaegar Sonus, a new acoustic calling device that has been integrated into a suite of cameras and radars, during the conference.

The system will be capable of advanced target detection and deterrence, using integrated systems to illuminate the target and emit a focused, long-range sound such as verbal warnings or a siren to act as a deterrent.

“We are particularly looking at the marine market – things like unmanned oil rigs,” said James Longcroft, director of sales for the company.
Customers needing perimeter defense told the company they had several different sensors to detect intruders, including speakers, but wanted to integrate them, Longcroft said.

The loudspeaker is supplied by German audio specialists VocCom and can produce up to 152 decibels of sound pressure which delivers clear, intelligible speech at distances of up to 1.25 miles.

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