Mainstream Modular: the technical specificities of modular construction



DCI Engineers, a structural and civil engineering services company based in Seattle, Washington, has partnered with Guerdon since 1988 on several modular construction projects. DCI Principal / Director Troy Bean spoke to Mainstream Modular about some of the engineering considerations for modular construction.

Bean said the construction of traditional and modular buildings is technically similar. Nonetheless, the modular offers a quick time to market due to the controlled environment of modular building construction practices.

Bean noted that at DCI, they strive to be the leaders of change in the industry and to advance new methods and technologies. “We spend our R&D time trying to make it easier for the contractor to build, inspect inspectors and get a better finished structure. “

While DCI is no stranger to modular construction, each project provides learnings that Bean takes with it for future builds.

“A lot of this has to do with the support structure that is built on the site before the modules are introduced,” Bean explained. “And the building tolerances that have to be met, the design criteria that have to be in those elements; they can present a challenge. The boxes are stacked so fast that the buildings don’t have the ability to wedge and straighten up, so everything has to be very tight once you start.



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