Matt Biggin Joins Egress as Vice President of Engineering for Mimecast


Biggin’s appointment will drive operational improvements and provide Egress’s product roadmap, facilitating the continued expansion of the leading provider of intelligent messaging security.

LONDON, November 11, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Egress, the leading provider of intelligent messaging security, today announced that it has hired Matt Biggin as the new vice president of engineering to evolve and deliver its product roadmap.

Biggin joins Egress from Mimecast, where he was instrumental in delivering their messaging security product roadmap and recently facilitated the acquisition of Chicago-based startup MessageControl. Biggin’s appointment to Egress follows the recent hiring of Steven Malone as VP of Product Management, also of Mimecast.

Working closely with Egress’s product and operations management teams, Biggin will be responsible for building the company’s world-class engineering team and developing new products to meet a wider range of customer needs.

Prior to Egress, Biggin accumulated 20 years of experience delivering engineering projects for financial services organizations, including Morgan Stanley and UBS, before joining Mimecast in 2017.

Biggin’s appointment is part of a year of rapid expansion for Egress, which has included the acquisition of accelerator company GCHQ Aquilai, the launch of its Egress Defend anti-phishing solution and the opening from its first office in New York to further stimulate its rapid growth in North America.

Egress CEO Tony Pepper comments, “Matt has extensive operational expertise and an excellent track record of building high performing engineering teams. His collaborative and people-centered approach, coupled with his extensive technical knowledge, will serve Egress in our mission to bring intelligent security solutions to our rapidly expanding customer base. I look forward to working with Matt as he leads the operational excellence that will support our next era of growth.

Egress VP of Engineering Matt Biggin comments, “Egress is a company that is poised for extreme growth, and I am delighted to be a part of the journey! I look forward to working with all areas of the business to grow the Egress industry. -Leading smart messaging security platform, delivering our exciting product roadmap and building a world-class engineering team. Egress is a company at the forefront of intelligent messaging security, and I look forward to developing new solutions to help a growing number of organizations solve the problem of insider risk. “

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Our mission is to eliminate the most complex cybersecurity challenge that every organization faces: insider risk. We understand that people get hacked, make mistakes and break the rules. To prevent these human-activated breaches, we’ve built the only Human Layer Security platform that protects against inbound and outbound threats. Using patented contextual machine learning, we detect and prevent abnormal human behavior such as misdirected emails, data exfiltration and targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Used by the world’s largest brands, Egress is privately backed and has offices in London, New York and Boston.

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