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In the presence of Dr Leonid Savin, geopolitical analyst, founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Eurasian Affairs, the sixth session of a series of preliminary meetings of the 2nd International Conference on “The decline of the United States: the post-American world Was organized by the secretariat of the conference on “Emerging Multipolarity and the Rise of Non-Western Theories of International Relations, during which Savin shared his thoughts on“ Clear Marks ”, which he said are indications of the end of American leadership in the world.

For example, in 2003, when American troops invaded Iraq, many European countries strongly opposed this intervention. Most smart analysts said it was the death of American rule.

“There are many signs of the fall of American leadership not only internally but also globally,” he said.

“European countries that are partners of the United States in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are also keen to be more independent from the United States,” he said.

Savin referred to many countries like China, Russia and Iran, as well as other small countries and many nonprofits that not only talk about a new kind of world order. , but are also very critical of American domination and influence. “Many are talking about environmental issues and climate change,” he added, “and think most of the pollution comes from the United States”.

“This is just one aspect of America’s bad influence on the world,” Dr. Savin continued. “We can also talk about the dominance of the dollar. And now we see that Russia and China, for example, have bilateral trade and no longer use the dollar. Russia also has the same contract with the Islamic Republic of Iran and will no longer use the dollar in its bilateral trade. I think it is very important.

He said Mexico wants to be more independent from the United States. It is a country that has a long border with the United States and seeks to have more cooperation with Cuba, despite the sanctions from the United States, and to have more contact with Argentina and various Latin American countries. . This is a very good sign that American domination is over and that we are going to start a new kind of international relations.

“I’m sure we’re in a kind of transition period,” he said. “We are going to have multi-polarity in the world. It’s very clear.

“Politically, the United States has become very weak now,” said Dr. Savin, “but it is still powerful in military domination. They are still powerful thanks to their economic tools; for example, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and different types of transnational and intergovernmental organizations led by the United States. However, more and more countries are now seeking autonomy. So step by step we see that sooner or later we will have a new kind of relationship.

Savin pointed out that there are different perspectives on the future of the world. For example, according to the theory of the balance of power, there should be another actor who will provide a balance in the United States. China has proposed a win-win strategy for many countries; even for the United States. “It depends on the type of theory we are looking for and the type of strategy we choose for development,” he said. “From my point of view, we should be more careful when using Western theories of international relations. “

“Racism, Eurocentrism, the idea of ​​domination, colonialism and everything from a Western point of view, even the idea of ​​human rights is based on Western theories,” Dr Savin pointed out. “So we have to talk about a new approach. We need to cooperate with our neighboring countries and develop our own kinds of theories of international relations which are rooted in our traditions and our own views. It may be difficult at first, but we must do it to avoid any threat to Western theories and strategies. “

“Of course we have the United Nations which is the most important [international] organization for the moment, ”he continued. “However, we need to reorganize these types of organizations because we cannot solve many of our serious problems because Western actors are simply using these organizations for their own benefit. We need to reform the United Nations and maybe think about creating similar organizations. When it comes to a new order, we have to organize new types of unions, organizations, alliances, etc. For example, Iran’s entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a very good step, and Iran can also join the Eurasian Economic Union. We also have BRICS. We can do the same in Eurasia. We just need to start doing something.

Regarding the importance of relations between Iran and Russia, Dr Savin said that Iran should establish a close partnership with the Russian Federation in many aspects, such as economic, political and also military aspects. “Iran already has good economic relations with Russia,” he added, “but I think we should cooperate more for strategic, security reasons and also especially for the construction of a strategic northern corridor. “South between Russia and Iran. Of course Iran is a very powerful player in the region. And Iran’s role is very important for Moscow.”

“We have to be careful of certain attempts to provoke the special services of the United States and Great Britain and perhaps certain groups in the region, such as what we are currently seeing due to the tensions between Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom. Islamic Republic of Iran, ”said Savin. “If we want to start more cooperation, we should be better prepared for any kind of challenge for both Iran and Russia. And of course, we are in the same US sanctions club and we are in the same “greatest threats” list against the United States. “

He believed that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was useful in building a new kind of regional security and considered Eurasia to be the most important and powerful continent in the world. “So we need to think about regional security in Eurasia,” he stressed, “and establish a connection between the actors who have not joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and maybe try to engage Turkey, which is an important player in the Middle East. We need to organize more platforms for regional cooperation, for example, to talk about security, education and digital security, which is very important for now and for the years to come, and to develop local partnerships and cooperation on very large regional projects.

“First of all, I think we should be honest with ourselves and what we expect from a new world order,” he concluded, “because in many cases we are just copying and stick with the western attitude and behavior and try to be like America for Example. Of course, as a country and as people we have other kinds of mindsets and we should go. about our own political views and what we really want from the new world order. We have to find our own way to be in this new world order and be a powerful pole in this world but not a hegemonic pole. “

The 2nd International Conference on the Decline of the United States: The Post-American World will be held on November 2, 2021 by Imam Hussein Comprehensive University and the Secretariat of the Discernment Council of Opportunity, in cooperation with universities and institutes of research.

For more information, interested parties can visit the conference website at and the conference secretariat virtual pages on social media at @usdecline.



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