Planet Smart City: the British company Planet Smart City signs a pact to acquire an architectural and technical design company Politecna Europa

UK leader in affordable housing and advanced proptech solutions Planet Smart City has agreed to acquire Politecna Europa, a company specializing in architectural and engineering design.

The specialist knowledge of both companies will be applied to create smart neighborhoods and homes by increasing their efficiency and maximizing the user experience of residents through its projects around the world, including in India.

Planet Idea, the competence center of Planet Smart City, and Politecna Europa are already involved in activities oriented in this direction. Planet Idea designs innovative solutions in areas such as technological systems, planning and architecture, social innovation and the environment.

These solutions are integrated into the real estate development projects that Planet Smart City carries out in Italy, India, Brazil and the United States, as well as advisory services to third-party real estate developers.

“Planet Smart City and Politecna Europa have the same vision of real estate development aimed at the joint application of proptech with the principles of ESG. The integration of our respective skills and professionalism will lead to the creation of an interdisciplinary group that will increase our ability to generate and implement innovative ideas,” said Giovanni Savio, CEO of Planet Smart City.

The acquisition will help raise the overall livability quotient in projects developed by Planet Smart City where the brand has a joint venture with

develop 15,000 housing units

The innovative solutions of Proptech organized in Turin will be used to develop a one-of-a-kind innovation hub in the Three Jewels and Universe projects at Life Repubilc in Pune.

Planet Idea and Politecna Europa are already working on joint projects around the world.

After the full integration of the two companies, an entity will be created comprising 350 professionals. A prime building of 4,000 square meters has been chosen as the headquarters in Turin and, from October, will become an international center for technological and ESG innovation in real estate.

Politecna Europa, founded by Luca Massimo Giacosa and Pietro Putetto, specializes in project management activities and is at the forefront of architectural, structural and industrial design in the civil and infrastructure sector. The company is involved in innovative activities in Italy, France, Switzerland and Oman, relying on a team of more than 100 engineers and architects.

Since its creation in 2015, Planet Smart City, which specializes in large-scale projects aimed at creating smart neighborhoods and affordable housing, has raised more than 160 million euros from 390 institutional and private investors.

Besides Maharashtra and Karnataka, the company is working to identify other opportunities for co-development of affordable housing projects. It aims to create a platform to help Planet Smart City become a global leader in the affordable housing segment by 2030 with over 45,000 units sold each year.


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