Top educators and researchers come together to tackle learning challenges amid Covid-19



MEMBERS of the Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators, Inc. (noted) in the Philippines and abroad gathered at the first virtual conference to exchange research and ideas amid the learning challenges posed by the coronavirus disease pandemic (Covid-19).

“The contexts and constraints brought by an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have posed even more complex challenges by the changes brought about by the pandemic in education and in society in general” said Dr Josephine Calamlam, President of Noted and Associate Professor at Normal University of the Philippines.

“We come together in this conference to meaningfully engage through the exchange of ideas, collaboration and exploring ways to turn challenges into opportunities,” Calamlam added at the recently concluded 3rd International Conference. .

Following the theme “Equity, Solidarity and Commitment: Targeted Education in Times of Change”, the best educators organized the conference “to serve as a platform to create actions aimed at building a dynamic, uplifting, conscientious and authentic society” despite the global health crisis. .

“The virtual conference may seem strange and unfamiliar, but it must be seen as revolutionary and liberating, opening doors and allowing the words of its participants to be heard across the world,” said the organizer.

During the two-day conference, education officials, researchers and teachers collaborated and explored new ideas “with the aim of addressing and finding solutions to the myriad and complex challenges presented by the modern world. “.

“It was a great experience to be part of this conference because it gave me the opportunity to share the good result of my action research or my innovation with exceptional people in our company … Their positive feedback on My study results motivated me to make another innovation that is also beneficial not only for teachers and students, but also for our community, ”said Angelo Amurao, teacher at Belvedere Primary School in General Trias City.

“The conference allowed me to compare my practices as a classroom science teacher to national and international standards in terms of research where most of my institutional reforms are rooted,” added Frosyl Miguel of Ramon Magsaysay High School in Manila. .

Ruth Lebes, full-time participant and staff member of Edmonton Public School and Florence Hallock School in Alberta, Canada, congratulated the organizer and speakers, stating that “when noble individuals converge for professional and timely planning and presenting a convergence of the academic conference of the critical novel, a masterpiece is created.

“The 3rd Rated International Conference served as a relay for important conversation pieces to keep us abreast of pressing issues related to Covid-19,” Lebes said, adding that the insights and experience she gained during the international reunion “can be highly transferable to our own classroom practices. “

Speakers at the plenary lectures include Dr Bert Tuga, President of the Normal University of the Philippines; Dr Chris Forlin, International Education Consultant, University of Notre Dame, Australia; and Nelson Salangsang, International Projects Unit, Queensland University of Technology.

The winners of the Metrobank Foundation’s Search for Outstanding Teachers competition served as speakers and moderators at the panel discussions.

The President of the Metrobank Foundation, Inc., Aniceto Sobrepeña, and the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Leonor Briones, also delivered their messages at the event.

Noted, which was established on October 26, 1997 and registered with the Security and Trade Commission on August 5, 1998, envisioned “creating future actions and building communities of practice (partnership) where sustainability gains the conference will be assured. ” (SunStar Philippines)



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