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Contribution INSPECTION – Morganne Wells is the Senior Mammography Technologist at WVU Medicine Harrison Community Hospital.

CADIZ — The Ohio Department of Health conducted a mammogram inspection at WVU Medicine Harrison Community Hospital that yielded no results.

“It is a privilege to serve our community by actively participating in women’s health. Our mammography team provides compassionate, quality exams, and our zero-results survey reflects that,” said Karen Mihalic, radiology manager at Harrison Community Hospital.

The survey, which is mandatory, met all requirements of the Food and Drug Administration’s Mammography Quality Standards Act. Staff, doctors and equipment are evaluated and all quality measures are reviewed during the inspection.

“Morganne Wells, our Chief Mammography Technologist, has extensive knowledge of the Ohio Department of Health and FDA MQSA requirements, which is attributable to our flawless investigation,” Mihalic said. “The surveyor was very complimentary about our facility, equipment, images and Wells’ record keeping. I am very happy to have Wells join our team as she is a great asset. »

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer in women, and screening mammography can lead to early detection and treatment, thereby increasing survival.

“We are proud of the work done by our radiology department over the past year to improve the range of mammography services,” David Phillips, president and CEO of Harrison Community Hospital, said. “We recognize the value that these services in our community bring to our patients and we strive to continue to improve this delivery.”

Harrison Community Hospital offers routine screening mammograms, as well as bone density assessments, which play a role in early detection of breast abnormalities and osteoporosis. To schedule, call the imaging department at (740) 942-6212.

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